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Water Ski Show #1: Opening Action

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This is the first of three installments.

In case you missed the Water Ski Show, I'll give you an idea of what went on during the performance. The scenes are from one location in the bleachers and with only a standard lens on my camera, so the perspective is pretty much the same and--hopefully--not too boring. 







The show attracted pretty large crowds, especially since it was free.




Time to introduce the team. The announcer is at the back.




The team included a clown (in red, on the ramp). The show was sponsored by the Florida citrus industry. 




The boats bore Florida citrus names, like Tangerine and Valencia.




Ski action begins.








Single ski. Nice!







That's the Santa Maria moored nearby.











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Oh right, I'm bored. I can't believe how much time I wasted looking at these incredible photos showing details not captured in any stock photo or blurry Instamatic. Keep boring me. Please.

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You guys are great! Makes the daily effort of cleaning all my slides something to look forward to (I started back in February). The Water Ski Show slides are monotonous to process because of cleaning the same background over and over, but, as with all my slides, I want them to blow up clean, not cluttered. Installments #2 and #3 are coming up, with lots of ramp jumping plus some clown craziness.  

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