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"America's First Supermodel" aka "Panama–Pacific Girl" or the "Exposition Girl"

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I was trying to understand how many times a year solar eclipses happen, I fell into a rabbit hole and discovered the model for a number of sculptures for the PPIE.

You'll find out that she was a model, a silent film movie star(made a first as an american movie star to... well you'll find out), and then was committed to an insane asylum in New York State.  Quite a story for such a person!  (Link)

The listing of PPIE statues she modeled for(plus MANY MORE) are listed here on wikipedia (link). 


in case you're wondering, how I got there: Solar Eclipses -> A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court -> Daniel Carter (a Boy Scout of America Founder) -> Boy Scout Memorials -> Eagle Scout Memorial Fountain, Kansas Ciy, MO -> Adolph Alexander Weinman(creator of fountain) -> Audrey Munson599db1cb8c950_ScreenShot2017-08-23at12_47_45PM.png.5ad0b162362fa8315b001dd62eeca9ba.png)

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Quite a bio - thks

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