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hello everyone,

I am an Iranian architecture student. I was wondering what if I take exhibition pavilion (Dubai 2020) for Iran as my topic for thesis? from where can I get information regarding this? Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 

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Hello Amysh,

I don't know much about architecture and lead times - but I;m wondering if there will be enough (peer-revied/any kind) ofliterature about the pavilion in the timescales necessary for your thesis? Perhaps a pavilion from an earlier exposition would yield more results?

The Iranian pavilion in Milan 2015 was stunning. As were the UAE, Venke and Azerbaijan pavilions. The first two designed by famous architects (Foster and libeskind) so likely to be a lot of literature and opinion about them.

There could also be an opportunity to consider relocated pavilions (Chile in 1889, UAE in 2010 and planned Monaco and UAE from 2015) and how planning for this constrains design.

Good luck

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