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International Quickies

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Here are some pavilions that I must have passed by without much attention.








It appears the palm tree planted by the Caribbean pavilion didn't survive New York weather. Its dead fronds are chopped off.








A view of the Lithuanian Wayside Shrine in the Garden of Meditation, with the Goodyear blimp and American Israel minorah in the background.




In preparing slides for the Belgian Village, I discovered that a long shot of the village included a nice image of the Lithuanian shrine with a more charming view of its garden surroundings. 




This was a photograph displayed somewhere in the Indonesia pavilion.








Night shot closeup of the Morocco pavilion.





Finally, two pavilions that I didn't photograph at all. Probably passed in a hurry to get somewhere. So many pavilions---so little time!








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Ralph, you passed by them without much attention but preserved history in a moment for those who want to relive an experience or see one they wish they had. Not in stock photos but of a man out for a walk capturing an evening in professional clarity. Thank you for your service.

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I just stumbled into another view of the Lithuanian Wayside Shrine as part of a separate series of photos. Check it out, beneath the original photo.

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