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Walter's International Wax Museum #2

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This is the second of two posts replacing the seven originals posts. Most have improved color correction. Original comments from viewers are at bottom.




Pope John XXIII.




Pope Paul VI.




Cardinal Richelieu




Joan of Arc at the stake.




Madonna and Child




Anne of Austria and The Three Musketeers.




Frederic Chopin & (Ms.) George Sand. Chopin’s friend was an author, who tended to dress in male clothing. Her real name was Lucille Aurore Dupin.




Doris Day & Rock Hudson.




Barbara Rush and Bing Crosby in “Robin and the Seven Hoods.”




Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra & Sammy Davis, Jr. in “Robin and the Seven Hoods.” A blue pool table? Appears to be so, since the overhead lamp shade is clearly green.




Steve Allen, Richard Chamberlain (as Dr. Kildare) & Johnny Carson (A skit from the Steve Allen Show?)




Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben Gurion, and diplomat Ralph Bunche.




George Washington Carver and Albert Schweitzer.




Daniel in the Lion’s Den.




Nimrod the Hunter.




Solomon and the Queen of Sheba




Drama in the Street




Life in the Pub




Chez Jules




At the Moulin Rouge.




At the Moulin Rouge 2. Henry Toulouse-Lautrec, famous painter of Paris night life.




Leonardo DaVinci paints Mona Lisa.




Death of Sardanapalus 1. This gruesome series shows the king of Assyria about to commit suicide as his city Nineveh burns and rebels are about to overrun the palace. But first, his concubines must be dispatched, to join him on the funeral pyre.




Death of Sardanapalus 2.The scene is based on a painting by Delecroix, that an be found and enlarged on Wikipedia.




Death of Sardanapalus 3.



Madonna and Child:

Bill Cotter: I don't have any shots of the last one. Thanks!

Steve Allen, Richard Chamberlain et al:

Bill Cotter: The nurse in the last scene was Shirl Conway per the guide booklet. She was in the series "The Nurses." Typecasting! This was the "Television Favorites" tableau. I have the whole booklet online at http://www.worldsfairphotos.com/nywf64/booklets/walters-souvenir-booklet.pdf

xl5er: Was curious who she was! Thanks, Bill. Boy, Paris sure looks like an interesting place.


annabelle: Thank you all. Beautifully done. I remember seeing the Last Supper figures. After the World Fair closed, it toured the country in a tractor-trailer. It was most magnificent. I remember it to this day.

David Ben Gurion, Ralph Bunche:

Bill Cotter: I don't think I've seen shots of the top one before.


RalphQuinn: Everyone please note that Set 7 has been expanded to include 8 newly identified photos! Special thanks to Bill Cotter for providing a critical clue (a copy of the pavilion's brochure) that prevented me from incorrectly attributing them to another pavilion.

Jim: Wax museums sort of creep me out.  All I can think of is Vincent Price in The House of Wax.



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I was certain that I took a picture of Toulouse-Lautrec in the museum, but I couldn't locate it anywhere. Finally this frustration has been solved! Somehow I had managed to store it on a different-purpose hard drive by mistake, and just now discovered it by accident in a crowd of other files. Fortunately it had a title that placed it at the very bottom of the list, or God knows when I would have found it. Check out my newly-edited posting, above; fifth picture from the bottom. It is associated with the picture just above it.

Wow, what a relief!

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These are by far the best pictures I've seen of Madame Tussaud's.  It almost, but not quite, makes me think I would have spent the money for admission.

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Ralph, you have brought so many long ago pavilions back to life.  These wax museum shots are great for remembrance but, wow, they are creepy.  And no matter how you cut it, that eighth shot, of Doris Day and Rock Hudson, looks nothing like either of them--especially Hudson who piled greased hair on his head at least a foot high.  Wax museums always love the Joan of Arc theme and always present it in such inspirational poses rather than the horror show it must have actually been.  Thank you for so many wonderful interior shots.  My favorite, so far, is your collection of Ireland photos.  They took me back fifty plus years.

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Thanks for your comments, Jim. At the beginning of the year I couldn't imagine consuming so much of my life in clicking a mouse to de-spot these ancient slides (caused by ignoring the dust when scanning them). However, the response from the Community makes it more than ever a labor of love. By the way, if you want a contemporary English take on Joan of Arc, check out Shakespeare's 'Henry VI, Part One.' They were bitter enemies of the French at the time, and it is reflected by the highly uncomplimentary depiction of Joan in the play. 

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I saw that pic and thought 'Jack Benny!' instead of Steve Allen.  But since the booklet says Steve Allen, I guess that's what they intended.  I recognized 'Hazel' (Shirley) right away.


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