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Walter's International Wax Museum #1

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This is the first of two postings replacing the seven original sets, which I realize were excessive. The new series differs in two ways:

1. Every slide has been re-evaluated and, in most cases, improved by using more advanced Photoshop tools, especially reducing or eliminating the pinkish color.

2. All comments from viewers of the original sets are included at the bottom. The photos are in their initial order.







The Court of Louis XV, Part One




The Court of Louis XV, Part Two: Madame Pompadour.




The Court of Louis XV, Part Three.




The Court of Louis XV, Part Four.




Sleeping Beauty catching a little nap (lasting a hundred years).




Our super hero is about to clobber Cyclops, while Lois Lane is too impatient to wait for the elevator.




Don’t worry, Lois, I’ll catch you at the 14th floor (I hope) after I smack Mr. Clops in the chops!




The Death of Leonardo daVinci, Part One.




The Death of Leonardo daVinci, Part Two.




The Last Supper. View One.




The Last Supper. View Two.




Moses with the Ten Commandments.




Ed Sullivan introducing the Beatles.




Three of the Beatles (I couldn’t get back far enough to get them all, with my standard focus lens).




Lady Godiva. Looks more like Rapunzel.




The Wolf Man looks like he’s just seen his grocery bill.




Wow, that must smart! Jack Ruby slays Lee Harvey Oswald.




Young Chactas grieves over his dead Atala. Wikipedia provides the story, plus the painting that inspired this diorama.




Another grieving youth, Cyparissus, has accidentally killed his pet stag while out hunting. Wikipedia provides the story.




Lit in a bluish glow, Dracula contemplates lunch. From the look of her neck and his lips, the meal has already begun




The Court of Napoleon III. Part One.




The Court of Napoleon III. Part Two: Napoleon III himself.




The Court of Napoleon III. Part Three: Empress Eugenie.




Bill Cotter: I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought the lighting was a problem.

Eric Paddon: Pictures have disappeared from here!

Ralph Quinn: Thanks, Eric. I just noticed it myself. Bill Cotter was able to see them, but I just went ahead and resubmitted them anyway. Hope all is okay now.

Bill Cotter: Great shots. Getting the colors right on any of these is a challenge due to the original lighting and the glass.   

Superman vs. Cyclops:

Bill Cotter: That was an actual costume from the TV series.

Larry L: The Cyclops was a 5 to 1 favorite in that fight. Superman was badly out of shape and wore some obvious padding under his costume to make it look like he still had big muscles. The Cyclops and his team have filled a protest over the Sup’s majority decision win, saying that Lois Lane deliberately distracted him by cutting up and acting goofy, as you can see in the photo above, but Superman’s people say that the big C was carrying a giant hammer in blatant violation of the Marq of Q rules and should have been disqualified. A rematch may be held at the 2064-65 NY World’s Fair.

RalphQuinn: Cyclop’s lawyers claimed that their one-eyed client had no stereoscopic vision, and accidentally bumped Lois Lane. Superior Man got ticked off because he had to drop everything to rescue pesky Ms. Lane for the umpteenth time.

Ed Sullivan:

RalphQuinn: I decided to pull my earlier post and remove that awful original image of Ed Sullivan, leaving the much-desaturated view.

xl5er: That second Ed looks more lifelike than Ed Sullivan himself did. Still not quite Will Jordan.


Sleeping Beauty 2.jpg

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On ‎6‎/‎10‎/‎2017 at 7:40 PM, Eric Paddon said:

The Oswald-Ruby one is based on the famous Robert Jackson photo.    They err in showing Ruby wearing glasses.



Another error is that he was shot at nearly point blank range.

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