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Seattle is on a roll.  We are rebuilding and remodeling the old Seattle Worlds Fair grounds.  The city is a booming place.  My prior article was about an old building being torn down. Not a very loved place the old Mercer Forum aka House of Suds.

However, the iconic Washington State Pavilion, Seattle Coliseum, Key Arena is much more loved. Two deep pocketed corporations have submitted proposals to the city to renovate it. Lets face it Sports are a draw and the remodels will hopefully attract a new NBA and NHL team to Seattle. There is a lot of dispute over another site down by our football and baseball stadiums. The city who owns Key Arena has been holding on to what a lot think is a white elephant since the Super Sonics went to Oklahoma City.  It is time for the city to take charge in this deal. This photo is a good view of the SWF grounds today. The WA St Pavilion aka Key Arena is in the foreground front & center.

Both groups that submitted bids to the City of Seattle on Wednesday said the KeyArena renovation could be done by October 2020 if no unforeseen delays hit. (Steve Ringman/The Seattle Times)

So... I am excited that the great old building from the Worlds fair is going to be saved.  I do have to confess I spent years in the 80s setting up conventions and tradeshows there. Kind of love her on many fronts.

Down to brass tacks...

Here is a link to Seattle Times article:  http://www.seattletimes.com/sports/nba/keyarena-groups-have-similar-goals-different-proposals-for-renovation/

The two bidders are:

Seattle Partners - combined AEG & Hudson Pacific Properties proposal will be called the Seattle Coliseum.  Here is a link to their site:  http://seattlecoliseum.com/ & this one http://www.sonicsrising.com/2017/4/12/15275324/aeg-rolls-out-seattle-coliseum-plan-keyarena - a few renderings are next.

design_IMG_7687_300x300.jpg   media_300x300.jpg

OVG - Oak View Group has it's own proposal - Here is a link with some info:  http://www.sonicsrising.com/2017/4/12/15276142/ovg-releases-their-own-renderings-seattle-arena-keyarena-chris-daniels and a rendering too.



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