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1901 Pan Am Expo "Just For Fun" Cards

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I recently came across some playing cards from the 1901 Pan Am Expo called Just For Fun. They're playing card sized, but they're not playing cards, with suits or numbers on them.

One side of the card has the map of the fairgrounds, and the other side has trivia about the event. There are thirty five of these cards, and they're in a red box which is more like a sheath. What I have is probably the inner part, while the outer shell of it is missing.

Since the max total size of attached pictures here, at least for me, is 0.1MB, here's a link to a photo https://goo.gl/photos/KhKBhMih7gMtyvh4A

Has anyone ever seen these before? I've been searching online for these for a long time and I've never seen them. I'd love to know if I have all the cards and I'd love to know what the value of what I have is.


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I collect Pan American memorabilia but have not seen these before.  It is clearly a game as the instructions on several cards verify.   There is more than trivia about the Pan.  There are references to Niagara Falls but this was a side trip for many Pan visitors.  It all suggests a card game a visitor might take home and use to remember exposition highlights.  I am struck by the directions on the middle left card:  "Let the play at your left draw one of your cards (with a kiss)."  That's more than just a souvenir pack.  It's sort of like a 1901 version of spin the bottle.  The Buffalo History Museum (formerly the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society) might have specific information on these cards.  The Research library has a large Pan American collection.

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Jim, to be honest I never really *looked* at the cards, or at least I haven't in a really, really long time. I didn't notice that there was an actual game on them. 

Would be interested in seeing all the cards? It wouldn't take too much effort for me to sort, shoot, and upload the pics for you. Now that Bill has changed my member status I can properly manage files in the forum. Thanks Bill Cotter!

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