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I have been doing a google search for this information, but I just can't find it. Does anyone have any information regarding the on-site hotel at the Expo itself. I heard there was going to be something like that. I remember there was one at Expo 2012 in Yeosu (South Korea) kind of shaped like the Burj sail hotel in Dubai, but I think it was fully occupied by diplomatic people already, or something like that. Would love to stay at the Expo site itself if possible. Maybe they will release the information closer to the Expo opening date. 

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I'm making my arrangements via a travel operator and are going for a hotel further away that provides expo transfers based onthier "[for] such a hotel the price would be much higher." advice.

I also remember a proximal hotel in Yeosu - it did look nice, but we stayed in a hotel with transfers - and that worked out well and not too time consuming. In Aichi we must have spent many hours  travelling but even that wasn't so bad - people often want to chat to foreigners.

I guess it's a time/cost balancing act.

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