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Unrelated color correction - how does this look?

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Hi Folks,

I haven't taken a stab at color correction in ages - things too hectic, bad eyes, bad monitor etc. Recently I won a small color snapshot - glossy little unpublished thing from 1973. Taken at the Rumford Odeon in 1973 on May 22nd. One of the final Ziggy Stardust concerts. That famous "Space Oddity" space suit is by Kansai Yamamoto and is only 10 days old here. This is from the auction scan - I expect a much better print when it arrives. This was pretty red. I am pleased with the overall look, the suit colors and metallics coming out, the pure red and the black of the base of the shoes and the white of the piano with reasonable skin tones. The "atmosphere" seems OK. When I can make a good scan (this is a photo) the remaining red at top will be gone. What do you think?



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4 hours ago, Bill Cotter said:

A tough one for sure. Nice job.

Thanks Bill! From you that means the world. When I get the thing and make a high DPI scan might you run it through your wizardly machines and p[rograms?

It is a very rare snap of a young David Bowie aged 26. I hope to bring it back to life. I have a ticket stub to match :)


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