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Bill Cotter

A nice night view

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Excellent, Bill. This fair was superb at night. Let's see - USSR, Sheffield, Cont. Baking...From where was this taken? The shape in the right foreground reminds me of Swift but it seems the wrong location - but looks very correct and is the right color combination for 1939 (1940 was white with red trim) - but it can not be. What vantage allows this triangulation with Continental Baking with Sports right behind, with Sheffield flat on with USSR as shown? And with Italy (lighten the photo) also above Wonderbread? There is little else there to allow a vantage of this height. Tobacco/White Owl is just out of frame to the left I believe. Top of Schaeffer? Top of Kodak? Mens Apparel? Industrial Science? There is nothing else there...the Jump might allow such a view but this is 1939, not 1940. I think the flags are creating an illusion regarding what is the street and what is not. This couold be from the NE corner top of Petroleum?


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