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Bill Cotter

A new look for worldsfairphotos.com

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When I first put the site together it was in a day of relatively small monitors and slow connections. Over time I increased some of the picture sizes as I updated it, but for around a year now Google has been telling me I need to redo it for mobile devices, as the pages were now too big. They then lowered the site in search results. Some days you just can't catch a break.

I eventually bit the bullet and learned how to code for both mobile and desktop devices. I have started to update the site but it's a slow process as each page needs to be done by hand and there are hundreds of them.

So far I've updated the sections for the 1933-34 Chicago, 1939-40 San Francisco, and 1939-40 New York fairs. Please let me know if you spot anything I managed to break. Expo 58 should come along soon.




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