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Canada at Expo 70 - Help Requested

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I am starting to research Canada's participation in Expo 70 and was wondering if anyone knew whether the Royal Canadian Mint was a part of Canada's pavilion.

Also, is their a "best" reference guide to the Expo that I should seek out?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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The RCM's book Striking Impressions says that 5,000 Expo '70 medals were minted in Ottawa.  It doesn't say which medals, but I suspect that they were the Ontario pavilion medals, whose fabric is unlike most Expo 70 medals.  I have also seen special coin sets of the 1970 British Columbia dollar designed for sale in Japan.  So it sounds like there was at least a sales counter for the RCM there.  I have a copy of the Expo 70 official guide that my father bought when we visited there.  It's good for general information but gives very little data on collectibles.

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