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Bill Cotter

Undated early map

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Here's another NYWF Corp slide. This one is of an undated site plan leaning against a wall in the Administration Building. A few things of interest:
1) It shows they had hoped to rent out pavilions on the outside of the Van Wyck, where the Federal Area was for 1939-40, Talk about a lousy location for a potential exhibitor, cut off from the rest of the Fair and mostly out of sight. I can see why no one wanted to go there.
2) The only rented spots in the main section were for General Motors, Coca-Cola, Gas, Inc. and Liebman Breweries (Rheingold). That gives us a pretty good idea of who the first to sign up were.
3) The map may show Texas and two others in the Lake Area, as it was called then, but I can't make them out.


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Considering how far along the Kodak Pavilion is in early construction photos, I would have thought they would have been one of the very first to sign up.  Looking at this map, their site is still subdivided into several smaller plots.

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