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I recently came across this photograph of the interior of the Venezuela pavilion from Expo 58 in Brussels, and I'd love to know more about it. Does anyone have any information (or photographs!) about this pavilion or what was shown? I have read that there was an abstract mural relief and a "tower of Brussels" by the Venezuelan artist Jesus Rafael Soto, but I cannot find any further information.



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This is what the Official Guide to the Brussels World Exhibition 1958 says about the Venezuela Pavilion:


Commissioner General:  Mr. Jorge Olavarria de Tezanos-Pinto

Architect:  Mr. D. Savino


Very modern, as is the nation it symbolizes, the Venezuelan pavilion has a harmonious line.  In the space of a few minutes the visitor is transported to South America, north of the equator, into that immense country covering an area of one million square kilometers where a young and courageous people live and strive to reach their goal, which is to attain an outstanding position among the nations of the world.

Essentially young, bot in mentality and vigor, Venezuela displays the best she has to offer:  her architecture, the beauty of her cities, the splendor of her tropical vegetation and her vast industrial, mineral and agriculture riches.

The high degree of industrialization which this country has now achieved will no doubt surprise the visitor.  He may be interested to know that petroleum-refining was originally Venezuela's principal industrial activity.  This activity served as a springboard for the development of other industries, such as gold, manganese, aluminum and iron.  In the agricultural sphere, farm mechanization and increased and rationalized breeding, aided by the construction of dams and irrigation systems, have transformed this sector into one of the country's principal assets.

Art has found a new form of expression in this country where, with the help of the climate everything flourishes.  Some of the warmth and affection of Caracas, the capital which is known as the "City of Eternal Springtime," has been infused into this pavilion.



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