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Ile Notre Dame Walkabout 1

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I walked throughout Ile Notre Dame a couple of weeks ago with a good Expo 67 map, as well as many of the before and after pics some of you have posted on this forum.  It was an incredibly meaningful day for me. Some of you will know that my father was the Commissioner/General Manager of the Sermons From Science pavilion, and I spent practically every day at Expo when I was four years old, including a good stint of time at the Vienna Kindergarten on Ile Sainte Helene. A description of the photos in the order they appear is as follows:

1. Present incarnation of the Tunisia pavilion, 2. Part of the Olympic Rowing basin in approximate location of Kaleidoscope pavilion, 3. Remnants of the rowing basis seating area, 4. Former site of Sermons From Science Pavilion, 5. Former site of Burma pavilion, 6 Sermons From Science site, 7. Tolstoi Bridge, 8. Site of former Africa Place pavilion. 9-10 Nearby canal shots.











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Thank you for all of these photographs.  I can still feel a bit of that exhilaration I felt when I first saw Expo and how remarkable it was.  If you learn what is being done on the site of the Great Britain pavilion, please let us know.

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Great photos. Do you know if there are any plans next year to celebrate the 50th anniversary?

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