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Bill Cotter

Can you ID this sculpture?

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Harold Balazs Copper Sculpture at the Washington Mutual Bldg (601 W. Main) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I had to join Pinterest, which I detest,  to see the info. I will now be unsubscribing.

Edit: I can't find the sculpture in Google Earth street view - I wonder if it has been removed?

More:  It shows in a street view from October 2013. It's actually on Howard street:



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The attached document says Balazs was the only artist to provide two sculptures, one of which was the untitled concrete tower that is commonly called "Lantern" (although this document does not name it), and the other one (not pictured, but it must be the one of interest to us), which was removed from the expo site according to this document, and for which no name is given either.

Spokane Riverfront HPI Report_Expo74.pdf

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