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Hi, I'm bagerap, otherwise known as Bob. I collect exhibition medals and calendar medals and I must be a little hard of thinking because after years of collecting it's only just dawned on me that there must be a forum for obsessives like me. Like a lot of people, I started with the Great Exhibition but soon moved onto the hard stuff, Paris, Antwerp, Toronto and all points west. Like many junkies, I sometimes sell a bit to pay for my habit, but that's mainly from my coin and token collections. The good stuff stays with me! Hope to be talking with some of you soon.


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Hi Bob/bagerap! Welcome! I'm sure you'll find this a great bunch of fellow sufferers here.

Be sure to also visit www.nywf64.com.


Do you have any information on medallions from the 1964/65 NYWF?  I am particularly interested in the RCA exhibit medallion. They appear from time to time on ebay (where I got mine). No one has been able to tell us for sure where they were sold at the fair (or were they given to VIP guests?). Seems to me to be a strange thing to buy unless you were connected in some way with RCA.

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Thanks for the welcome. I think that I've only ever seen one RCA medallion, they do seem scarce, which probably indicates limited distribution so the VIP guests and maybe journos idea could work.

I,ve not yet figured out how to upload images yet, so here's one of my old Facebook albums. It holds probably 10% of my hoard.


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