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The Continental Insurance Pavilion First Day Covers

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Here are examples of the Continental Insurance Pavilion cachet.  These covers were actually created by the Fleetwood Company who had paid $10,000 to be named the "Official Cachet Maker" for the 1964 New York World's Fair.  As a result of the price paid, and the fact that Moses sought to maximize the commercial appeal of the Fair, Fleetwood created numerous commercial or advertising first day covers.  The Continental Insurance covers are but one example.  These are interesting because, as the "Official" producer of FDCs Fleetwood had access to copyrighted photos and drawings to use in the creation of their covers.  (Other cachet makers were ostensibly prevented from using such photos or artwork.)  As evidenced by this cachet which is actually a reproduction of the cover of the groundbreaking booklet produced for the pavilion.  Also interesting is the fact that the first covers produced by Fleetwood did not include the © symbol which was added in the lower left corner for the later covers.

Shown are the Groundbreaking Booklet, a cover without the copyright symbol and an enlargement of the lower left corner followed by a cover with the copyright symbol and an enlargement of the lower left corner.


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