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Bill Cotter

The Department of Unbuilt Pavilions

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The state government decided they couldn't come up with the funds. This was a big issue for many states. If the politicians weren't going to be in office years later when the Fair was open they were open loathe to appropriate funds for something so far away and out of sight. They preferred to spend the money then and on projects that could generate some more votes. Sad to say, a lack of foresight, as the pavilion might have attracted jobs and tourists, thereby benefiting the state.

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I agree, Bill.   I thought that that there might have been a more concrete proposal for an exhibit that was dumped for some reason.  I know there was a good deal of negativity toward Texas in the years right after the assassination  of President Kennedy.    Texas probably did not have to worry too much about growth or jobs in the 1960's, however.  Over the next few decades, its population overtook that of NYS as did its economic prowess.  NYS did not provide an exhibit at Hemisfair in 1968.

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