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Bill Cotter

Upgrade-mania strikes

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When I first started scanning slides many years ago I used a Nikon Coolscan IV scanner, which was good for it's time but had a maximum resolution of 2900 DPI. I later replaced it with a Coolscan V, which offered 4000 DPI. Over time I've periodically gone back and rescanned some of the ones originally done at 2900 and the difference is usually remarkable. I've also better learned how to handle some of the quirks the scanner has with Kodachrome slides. I needed a break from writing so I decided to do some more of these today.

Here's a shot of Nimrod the Hunter from Walter's Wax Museum as scanned in 2003.


Looking back at it today I'm surprised I hadn't done a better job of color correction, especially on the horses. I rescanned it and here was the initial result.


It was much sharper, as expected, but there was a lot of mold damage. The horses were just covered in it, as were other spots like the woman's arm. It looked even worse when the colors were adjusted as the mold took on a distinctive purple hue. It took some time but once again Photoshop came to the rescue!


I don't know if the slide had deteriorated that much since 2003 or if the lower resolution scan had hidden some of the damage. The slide has been stored in proper conditions since then but I guess any initial damage could have continued to eat away at it. This shows one more reason why it's important to scan your memories before they get damaged over time.

Well, with this one done I guess it's time to work on the next chapter of the book!

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Harassing lions from a chariot with a spear and shooting arrows at them, was the standard for lion hunting.  They called him Nimrod, "the Great Hunter".

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Bill, I have a shot of Nimrod at the Fair. Coming up soon, when I clean up the slide. 

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