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Randy Treadway

Pictorial Meter Cancels

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We had a discussion going on some years ago about pictorial meter cancellations for the 1964-65 NYWF.

This one goes back to the first NYWF in 1939-40, and I thought it's kind of interesting looking- a Beech-Nut elephant.


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Yup, that's cool. What does it say beneath the elephant. A side note...printing business envelopes in more than 2 colors was remarkable then, and is still a premium process today. The printing process is done on the flat sheet of paper before it's converted into an envelope. You rarely see envelopes in full color or with tints of color in today's normal business world. That's usually only done for mass mailings by advertisers.

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The Beech Nut Circus was a promotional bus tour.

Below the elephant I can't make out the first two words, but then it says Beech-Nut Circus NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR.

I found it here:


Here is a similar one, but without the elephant:


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