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Interesting article on PPIE and San Diego expositions

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That is an excellent article on so many levels. It really highlights the two different concepts that formed world's fairs for a century. The first is the more common idea of building a fair and demolishing nearly all of it after closing day leaving only photographs, memories and maybe a few legacies. The second is using an exposition to provide civic improvements and permanent legacies that would benefit a city for decades to come.

Just reading this article would make anyone wish he or she could have seen those expositions. Each must have been incredibly beautiful.

One other thought: Everything I have ever read about Expo 74 indicates Spokane's pride in being the smallest city to host a world's fair. Clearly, that claim belongs to 1915 San Diego with just 40,000 people. I understand Expo 74 had the approval of the BIE and all that, but what San Diego achieved is really quite remarkable and has been a blessing to that city ever since.

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