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Turf Trylon Cafe Swizzle Stick 1940 NYWF

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Hi. I came across this awesome site, so much info, while trying to find some info on a cobalt glass swizzle stick I have. It reads - Turf Trylon Cafe World's Fair 1940, and has a picture of a horse and rider on 1 end. I have searched and can only find 1 other that looks like mine, 2 muddler ends. Is this pretty thing rare? Does it have any value? I've had it sitting in a glass with a bunch of other old swizzle sticks, just realized it had writing on it. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Brandy

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The Turf Trylon Café was located in the Communications and Business Zone of the Fair on The Court of Communications near the Trylon and Perisphere.

It seated one thousand and it had several terraces overlooking the theme center and the fairgrounds. It had a racing and equestrian theme and was very popular.

I do not know what such an item might be worth in real dollars, but to a collector it is a wonderful item. I have a wrapped sugar cube from the Schaeffer Center ( bar and restaurant) at the 1964-1965 NYWF. It has the restaurant name and an image of the Unisphere and the phrase "International Exposition at Flushing Meadow." I would not part with it. I think you have a unique souvenir from the 1939-1940 Fair that is well worth keeping.

Welcome to this site. There may be others here who are able to give you an idea of the current value of such an item.

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Jim has said what I would about the Turf Trylon Cafe. I might add it was part of the Business Systems and Insurance Building and had a bar something like 150 feet long. The value? The last two I have seen...one brought $8 with 4 bids and one closed with no bids at all for $30 on eBay. They appear to come in blue and black. There are some on eBay right now for $300-$500. That might be a bit...much. My area is images so perhaps another can speak more to actual value.

Best wishes,


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