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Showcase '68 NBC TV

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"Showcase '68" was a summer show on NBC in 1968 hosted by Lloyd Thaxton. It was a talent show of sorts, showcasing young talent, most of them singers or music groups already signed to record labels. The show was taped at a different location each week and week three was taped at HemisFair '68. Bobby Vinton was the guest star on this episode. Among the competing acts were singers Ceci Weathers & Lofton Kline, rock group The New Colony Six and folk singers Pozo-Seco. Each episode chose a winner from among the talent and all 10 winners were featured on the finale, which was taped at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus, Ohio. Sly and the Family Stone were the winners of $10,000. I did an episode guide for the show, years ago, at tv.com. I'm a big fan of 60s garage bands and a number of local Chicago groups made appearances on the show-American Breed, New Colony Six and the Cryan Shames. Research Video handles footage from the series-http://www.researchvideo.com/footage-libraries/showcase-68.html

I thought I'd post this here since the 50th anniversary of the Fair is coming up. I haven't seen the show but it might have some decent footage of the Fair in case anyone was planning a documentary.

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