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I love to look through crowd shots like this Wolfe slide. There are a million back stories just waiting to be told.


This family is dressed to the nines. They must summer in Martha's Vineyard. Grandma brought her flower hat that she wore to the '39 Fair.


This was how the rest of us dressed. Mom's shoes are going to be killing her in about 45 minutes.


On arrival, wife discovers previously unknown allergy to World's Fairs. Husband mutters under his breath "I can't take her *anywhere*."


This guy was frugal enough to bring a sack lunch, but wore a humongous overcoat, heading straight to the Tower of London crown jewels exhibit.


Have flashbulbs (and cigarette), will travel.


Yes, Arnold Horshack went to the World's Fair.


"Hey Buddy, want to buy a nifty movie camera for just $15? Nowhere else will you find one with a lens that is angled down to the ground! Okay, I'll take $12 for it."


These two gals were up so late the night before, they're still fumbling around trying to get their lipstick on.


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Look at the wrap-around sunglasses on the allergy pair - I actually had a pair like that at some point (though probably not at the fair).

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