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Does anyone have interior photos of Dancing Waters?

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The Dancing Waters were invented in 1928 in Berlin by Otto Przystawik, who made countless improvements, installing shows in a Berlin restaurant pre- and post-WWII. Harold Steinman saw the show around the late 1940s and requested that Przystawik develop a portable version; he actually already had one, which had been exhibited at garden shows and the like, but he updated it and made it even more portable. I haven't seen many shots of the touring units in action, and certainly not of the NYWF one. I'm hoping some people here have photos. I'm not sure why the "butterfly girl" was added here when she wasn't normally part of the touring shows. There were a number of touring units traveling around, not just one; Freedomland had one installed for a while, and Disneyland's lasted into the early 1980s. The tech involved in these was pretty spectacular, unusual stuff, and if anyone wants to know a bit more, I can describe it. It was very different from the show going on over at the Pool of Industry, and was more closely related to the 1939 NYWF Lagoon of Nations show, in that it was performed live by a person operating a switchboard; this was extremely demanding work, requiring many months of practice, and the routines were practiced down to an art. The company got passed down to Przytawik's son Gunter, and then to Gunter's son Michael; it's still in business as Waltzing Waters. Steinman, and then his wife, kept running the old touring shows for decades, never upgrading the technology, some parts of which were impossible to replace when they gave out.

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