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Bill Cotter

A lot to ponder in one photo

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Thanks Bill and there's one pole visible from the other set on the adjacent pylon to the extreme right .

So there is a set of four poles right out of the gate from the station: two bare pylons, then two pylons with poles. Both directions. But the distant poles are mounted on the inner loop side of the pylon.

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Consider this:

I'm assuming power was delivered to the train's motors via the rails.

What if -- for some reason -- power was lost while the ride was in operation. (Could be a general area blackout or a malfunction of the system), In any case, having fair guests stranded and dangling in an immobile car would not be good.

So... in such an unlikely event, we have these poles which are actually conduits which, when assembled, can connect a car to an on-ground mobile generator (e.g., something like those Ingersoll-Rand units you see carried by construction crews). This would allow the cars to be indivually powered so that they could be driven back to the station allowing guests to disembark.

So why not have an emergency power backup for the entire system? The scenario outlined above would be extremely unusual and, indeed, probably never occurred during the fair's run. So a system-level power backup could have been deemed too costly and complicated given the improbability of the event. The emergency power poles would be a cheap and simple JIC solution.

Sure would be nice if someone could dig up an AMF Monorail operations manual.

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Here's another look at unknown monorail pipes, from one of Bill's new discs.

These seem to have a different mechanical connection dangling out the bottom, with an attachment that looks like it's meant to take a through-bolt, plus what looks like a chain and handle to maneuver the whole thing.

Put on your thinking hats!

Monorail mystery fixtures.jpg

Monorail mystery fixture closeup 2.jpg

Monorail mystery fixture closeup 1.jpg

Do we know where the cars were kept in the winter? Is it possible these fixtures were used to position the cars away from the station as a precaution against trespassers?

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