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Lose money? No way!

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I'll bet that some of the Fair's top officials blew their stack when they read the comments of this particular official in 1937. The party line was always that the Fair would be profitable, but here's a tacit admission that it might not be - but don't worry, the city will make out just fine anyway! I'm sure the bondholders weren't too pleased with that one!

The article about the children crippled by polio, an all-too-common occurrence before the Salk vaccine, is a sad reminder of what used to be.


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To a large degree, Mr. Dexter was something of a prophet. That is pretty much how it all turned out. It's just that, in 1937, nobody wanted to hear it.

Your notice of the children in the polio hospital is important. You are right that this was their plight before the Salk vaccine. The Boomers are the first generation in human history to be able to escape the scourge of polio. My father was a physician and he willingly donated hours of his time helping to vaccinate hundreds of local kids during clinics held at schools all over the area.

I also noticed the reference to the Dionne quintuplets. Born in 1934 in Ontario, they are the first quintuplets known to have survived (and they were two months premature). Their birth created a tidal wave of interest. As of today, two of the five still survive.

Finally, the reference to children who might survive polio but have no place to call home really hit me. Orphanages were as common as polio wards in 1937. I spent the first years of my life in the 1950's in an orphanage before I was adopted. I have never quite decided if foster homes are better than orphanages.

In any event, your presentation of these newspaper articles is like opening a time capsule. Thank you.

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