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Volkswagen Bus and the 74 EXPO

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Over in a different forum related to Bay Window VW Buses - built between 68-79. A special model was introduced for the 73 year. The bus is nicknamed the Wild Westerner and was only sold in the Pacific North West. Many in this area (PNW) affectionately refer to the bus as the "EXPO" bus. Directly connecting it to the 74 Spokane Expo.

The big question has always been, did VW create this bus in conjunction with the fair? Did local dealers get together on their own and make this model to piggy back off the fair? Or is it all just a old wives tale myth?

As you see the picture - the only connection is that the bus has some of the Expos color scheme, nothing more. So Im curious if any non-VW people out there have ever heard of such a thing?

Ive listed the link to the hot forum on "thesamba.com" for those that want a more indepth read on this bus.


Here are shots of the bus.





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Well its been two years since this post with plenty of looks and no replies. I thought Id chime in again if anyone had any information on this topic? Any transportation related information on the Expo?

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I've never seen a direct reference before, but I know next to nothing about VW buses. I would say the color scheme sure bears more than a passing resemblance to the Expo 74 scheme, so there very well could be a direct tie.

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