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Bill Cotter

Sunsphere restaurant reopens after glass panel shattered

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KNOXVILLE — A restaurant in the Sunsphere has reopened after a freak mishap earlier this week resulted in glass panel being shattered.

A trip-and-fall accident at a restaurant in the Sunsphere shattered an interior glass panel, but the iconic gold exterior glass was not affected and nobody was injured, the business’ management said.

According Icon Ultra Lounge General Manager Kellie Kinder, the accident occurred early in the morning on June 23 when a man got up from his stool at about the same time another man was walking by him. They got their feet tangled up, and one of them fell back into a tall table situated near the window, Kinder said.

"The table knocked back into the window and the point of impact was the size of a dime, but then the whole window exploded and it sounded like a popcorn maker in a movie theater," she said.

Kinder said the 4-by-6-foot window shattered but stayed intact and now is secured with a piece of wood.

Public Building Authority personnel said the exterior gold window would have to be removed and a new interior pane installed from the outside of the Sunsphere, according to Kinder.

Kinder said the restaurant is open for business, but that when the window is replaced, a portion of the Clinch Avenue and World’s Fair Park would be closed as a safety precaution.

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