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Randy Treadway

The March of Time

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World's Fairs often looked toward the future and what great technologies we would have, but hard to have predicted this day would come....


If I recall right from what I learned as a school kid, it was telegraph that put the Pony Express out of business in the 1850's.

The legacy continues though. Just last week my wife had to transfer money from a European bank account to an American bank account, and of course she was charged a "wire" fee even though telegraph hasn't been used to do this for decades. :D

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Western Union ended telegram service in early 2006.

Years ago, my business card included the company telex (teletype) number.

One of my favorite collected magazine ads is one for Western Union featuring Ed Sullivan and urging people to wire their favorite TV shows with praise or suggestions.

I understand Morse code is no longer required to get a ham radio license.

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