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This is Japan Set from Expo '70

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I recently found a set from Expo '70. The set says This Is Japan color filmed and taped Super 8 100m 24 FL Stereo Talkie Tape Speed 9.5 cm 3 3/4 seconds (Japanese/English and French/Spanish) Medal Expo '70 Memorial (Copper, Silver, and Gold) with 35 mm Color Slide Film Tape (Sunic and Eion). It basically has an 8 mm film of the expo, two sound tapes, the 3 medallions, and 2 stacks of color slides. Does anyone know anything about this piece. I can't seem to find anything about it anywhere. Is it valuable? post-4841-0-37848700-1370826392_thumb.jp

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The gold medallion typically sells for around $1000 based on the value of gold. I'd love to have this set!

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