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Bill Cotter

I wonder who he knew to get this job?

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For some reason, Florida used members of the Florida Highway Patrol to protect its pavilions during the Fair. I don't recall shots of police officers from other areas, say New Mexico, working at the Fair. I bet the troopers assigned to the Fair had to have some good connections to get assignments like this one.


A FHP officer is seen making sure everyone is clearing out of the amphitheater after one of the shows ended.

Imagine what that must have cost the Florida taxpayers, as opposed to hiring a local minimum wage, no benefits worker who wouldn't also need a housing allowance, expense account, etc.

I doubt these guys even had arrest powers while working in NY, so if anything heavy went down they would have had to call the NYWF PD or NYPD anyway.

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It's kind of like their sending a FHP guy in a smokey the bear hat to accompany football coaches on road trips. It's a Southern thing, trust me. Mostly show.

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