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I am new to the site and look forward to learning more.

I have some 1939 World's Fair items that I want to sell, and I am hoping I can receive some suggestions for the best way to go about it.

Included is a Uniform from the fair - which I have not see anywhere else, so I am having trouble figuring out the pricing.

I look forward to your thoughts.

Best - Wendy

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Welcome Wendy!

There *is* some uniform pricing information available- probably from people right here on this board who've paid attention in recent years. Of course there were different uniforms for different organizations, like police, ticket takers, bus drivers, and so on.... each of which have their own value.

And, of course, a person might be willing to pay more if it just happens to be THEIR size.... LOL :D

Posting pictures is the fastest way to get comments and suggestions. I would venture to say that someone might even respond with a picture of your item (or one just like it) AT THE FAIR, giving you a nice provenance record.

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