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Back in 1982 I bought a photo album/manuscript at a Boys and Girls Club rummage sale in Venice, Ca, and it had some wonderful pictures of the artists and artwork from the San Francisco Expo. The photos depict the artwork in several stages of development as well as a few photos of the artist themselves working on their canvases. This manuscript list all the artist, their home addresses, and where their artwork is located on Treasure Island. I know not all the artist are not represented as Diego Rivera is not represented in this album. In all the research I have done I have not found any websites that represent the art or artist from the SFGGIE and I was wondering if there was any interest in this facet of the Expo?

Once I figure out how to post I will post a couple of examples.

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Look forward to it Eric! I have a small booklet from the 1915 San Francisco Expo that lists art & artists that exhibited there. But haven't seen anything similar for the 1939-40 GGIE.

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Here is a sample; This is Hugo Balin who was a mural painter from Pacific Palisades, CA. This artwork was located on the inside faces (north and south) of the arch between the Court of Reflection and Court of Flowers. I have around 100 photos of the following artists artwork (and in a few cases the artist):

Millard Sheets

Frank Van Sloun

Helen Forbes

Dorothy Puchinelli

Nelson Poole

Franz Bergman

The Misses Bruton TL Fluegger

Hugo Balin

Joan Stoll

Armin Hansen

Maynard Dixon

It is a treasure trove of period art but I need to reformat the photos to upload here.




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For Sale: The original, signed oil painting by Franz Bergmann titled, "Politicians," originally shown at "An Exhibition of Works by California Artists" at the Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco, May 25, 1940 through September 29, 1940.

This painting is being offered in "as-is" condition, and we are currently accepting offers. More photos are available.

Restoration would likely increase this painting's value.

This original painting is from the Estate of poet Fionna Perkins.


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Hello--Erik, what you have is a treasure and I would love to see it someday. It sounds like it was published during the time of the fair to help administer the various art projects. I am not aware of anything published back then or more recently other than Eugen Neuhaus's Art of Treasure Island which is detailed commentary about some of the art and architecture. There is nothing like a complete catalog. I have done a great deal of research about some of the art, specifically that which represents the "Pageant of the Pacific" theme, so that is limited mostly to the art of the Court of Pacifica and Pacific House.

Diego Rivera did not really produce art "for the exposition"--he was hired to create a fresco in the art palace at the GGIE, along with a number of other local artists, in a situation where the GGIE was really just the venue/studio. His Treasure Island fresco was intended to be permanently housed at City College of San Francisco, where it is now--along with a group of other sculptures and mosaic works also intended for permanent installation at CCSF, also created at the same venue. The distinction is between artists hired to make decorative pieces as part of the fair's infrastructure, and artists hired as exhibitors, which is really what Rivera did, as part of a large studio setup called "Art in Action." Art in Action took place in 1940, replacing the various European and Asian art exhibited in 1939. It was the brainchild of Timothy Plueger, one of the chief architects at the GGIE.

Hope you see this--would love to see a response from you. You can contact me directly at ggie@treasureislandmuseum.org

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