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This is New York

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I do not know if this link will work, but New York State is running new television commercials empasizing the state's new business incentives and the opportunities the state has to offer incoming industries.

In any case, the advertisement highlights the state's powerful economic history (Erie Canal, railroads, skyscrapers etc.) and about ten or twelve seconds in, it describes New York's "empires" and there is a scene of the Unisphere in all of its 1964 glory. It is very cool and whenever I see the ad, I stop what I am doing and pay attention. And there does seem to be some vibrance in New York these days. The budget is balanced. Taxes have been reduced. We have a governor who appears to recognize the urgent need for political and financial reform. And there is construction.

The link contains a video of this television commercial. It is found in June 22 article entitled: "The New New York: Open For Business."

The link:


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