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Vertical Unisphere Mechanical Bank

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I recently picked up one of the Vertical Unisphere banks at a rummage sale for $3 and it's in perfect working order except that it is missing the key. Does anyone know where I could find a key (either an original or just one that works) for it?

Also, it doesn't seem to be able to successfully launch quarters into the bank. Is it possible that the spring is weakening?


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The metal on the launcher cracks from fatigue (it's pot metal), so it's best not to shoot it much anyway. I found that the launcher breaks before the spring wears out.... but if there's any corrosion that got in there, then yes the spring could go.

I had a key until a few years ago, but lost it along with the lock (the key removes the lock from the globe). It's possible it could turn up, but don't know what year.

It's a VERY simple key- you could make one quite easily. It's a simple T-shape. The manufacturer was Duro.

If you try to make one- I believe it will look like this.


The Mercury/John Glenn astronaut bank had an identical firing mechanism, key and lock, with the Unisphere bank.

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Thanks very much! I considered having a key made for it, but I wasn't sure how difficult a replacement would be to come by.

There isn't any corrosion that I can tell, but quarters consistently seem to fail. I'm beginning to wonder if they're just not making it around the bend of the globe.

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Hello; Any older key with a "T" shaped end may open this bank, as well as a large paperclip bent into a "T" shape with needle-nose pliers (just ensure the smaller end is 1/8" or so.) Be careful when handling the opened lockplate, as they are extremely fragile, as are the original keys themselves.

You may refer to my website for more images and information regarding these intriguing and historically significant American artifacts, which I'd been researching for the past five years or so.

Regarding the launching issue: These banks were produced in 1961 when the smaller denominations were more prevalent in children's pocket change, and I'd discovered that pennies, nickels and dimes work best. You may find that quarters are simply too heavy for these "dime banks."

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