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miniature dolls possibly from World's Fair 1889 ?

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I have some miniature dolls, 8 of them, they are wrapped wire dolls and all 8 are sewn together. I think they are from the 1889 World's Fair. They are 1-1/2" high and together, they are 4-1/2" long. They are in the original box with the Eiffel Tower pasted on top and a little faded ribbon in Paris colors. The box has some damage. I'll try to upload a picture of them, or 2 if I can. I'm just guessing that they are from this period, but several things seem to fit. There are two dolls dressed like Marie Antoinette, and one dressed like a cowgirl (Annie Oakley?) The rest could be from various countries. One has me puzzled because it looks like she is wearing a costume from the British Isles, and I know England did not participate.

If anyone can shed some light on what I have here, I'd appreciate it.



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I am not a doll collector, but those costume designs and the use of color suggest to me a date considerably later than 1889. To me, and I am likely wrong, those look like post-Fruedian 1950's creations. The "Annie Oakley" doll is likely just a cowgirl (this costume pushing the date up considerably) - Oakley did not dress like that at all from what I can see and she did appear in Paris in 1889. How do you connect the dolls with the box in terms of origin? Are the dolls secured to the box - the box seems too large? I reveal lack of knowledge here, but what confirms the box is indeed from the 1889 expo? It also appears to from a later period from the rendering of the Eiffel. Larger pictures would be helpful. Where did you get these dolls?

Best wishes,


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