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Visit the Transportation & Travel Pavilion at nywf64.com

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Come to the Fair!

Stop by nywf64.com to check out the lastest Feature Presentation on the Transportation & Travel Pavilion. The T&T building was unmistakable with its giant green "Moon Dome." The pavilion as originally conceived was much different from the colorful landmark structure that was eventually constructed. You can view the original design, and there are a number of articles within the Feature that will give you a glimpse into some of what was inside, beneath the craters of the moon! Be sure to check out the section on the Cavalcade of Custom Cars where you can read about the "Air Car." George Jetson would have felt right at home driving one of those!

There are also two smaller Feature Presentations that have gone online since the Clairol and Spanish Pavilion Presentations. Read about the Swiss Skyride and the Pennsylvania exhibit which first appeared in 1965. As time permits, we plan to add a few more Presentations before the summer weather sets in and the computer work gets left behind. So be sure to check back frequently to see what's new in the next few weeks.

nywf64.com is your online source for information on the 1964/1965 New York World's Fair. Just go to: http://www.nywf64.com/index.html

Bill Young


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Another magnificent presentation, Bill! This is a fascinating reminder of how there was once an air of glamor and excitement to air travel and looking to its future that really doesn't exist anymore.

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