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Jim Brown

RM reincarnated and returns to his fair

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While working alone at the New York State Pavilion on Thursday April 19th, I was met by the incarnation of Robert Moses (RM). He is now living in the pavilion near its side gate with a few other squatters, three stray cats, who may have been other World Fair Corporation executives in their past lives. RM has returned to the fair that he created and headed as it president. This time as a raccoon who now is suffering rabies. One of the cats is also sick but not with rabbies.

I learned more about the Tent of Tomorrow's current occupants from a man who came by to feed them and clean up several paper plates from the previous day's meal.

Throughout the day as I was painting over some graffiti, RM and his roomates stared at me from a safe distance as I worked cared for his most treasured of projects in his previous life.

I recognized that one of feline the occupants may have been the late Greg Dawson, one of RM's close colleagues who was the head of the Public Relations Department.

I asked the man who came to feed if he could train them to keep away the punks who spray the graffiti. But none-the-less, RM is carefully watching over his baby, the New York World's Fair and the world class park he always envisioned but never lived to see.

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