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Bill Cotter

The World's Fair Memory Project

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Wow. It's nice... but kinda crazy that they haven't made themselves known here on our site. I'm sure we could help direct them to all sorts of people who still vividly remember both NYWF's.

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Really neat, I wonder how many stories this person collected? I've noticed the same thing here in San Antonio in regards to HemisFair '68, a lot of people I've talked to have great memories. About two years ago In my spare time I started my own oral history project for HemisFair '68, so far I have interviewed 7 people and have a few more interested in meeting just need to schedule times. What makes it fun is how they talk about the Fair like it was yesterday, slowly I have been working on transcribing my interviews into a basic Q/A format and uploading them to my website: www.worldsfair68.info.

To read what I have posted to date, off the home page: "After the Fair" -> "Conversations". Note the pages where I have a pic only are completed interviews yet to be uploaded

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