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Urso Chappell

@ExpoMuseum Twitter: Wednesday, December 28, 2011

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Updated the home page with new Expo 2012, 1962 World's Fair 50th anniversary, and Expo 2017/2020 bid info: http://t.co/v3gH64jE

http://t.co/yX8JhWDe has been updated with the final bids for world's fairs in 2017 and 2020: http://t.co/pxMeOGk9

Photos of the Expo '67 site in 1978 courtesy of ExpoMuseum friend Tom Kadien: http://t.co/1VgCHIjr

Urso's latest Expo 2012 blog post is about world's fair memorabilia: http://t.co/PAtLHIc9

Updated our Expo 2012 site: http://t.co/KfGeWnug

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