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The Death of Kim Jong Il: Looking Back at the North Korea Pavilion at Expo 2010

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As news spreads tonight of the death of North Korea's notorious dictator Kim Jong Il-- I couldn't help posting a few photos I took last year of the DPRK Pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai. Extolling the rainbow-painted party line virtues of North Korea as "Paradise For People," the small exhibit alternated between tacky, humorous, sobering, and outright depressing. In short, it was a palace of pure propaganda... and I join many in hoping that the "Supreme Leader's" passing might finally bring the promise of food, freedom, and economic recovery for its oppressed people, not to mention renewed friendship with its neighbors to the South and nations around the world.









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Well said Trey, thanks for posting. Looks crowded enough to necessitate pointing your camera up - a popular pavilion or a curiosity - did they serve any food?

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Thanks! Yes, it was very crowded, but definitely more of a curiosity than anything else. And much like his own people, the Dear Leader wasn't feeding visitors at his pavilion, either-- unless you had an appetite for horse hockey!

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