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Bill Cotter

Mercury Comet pictures wanted

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Okay, here's what I'm concluding.

Jeff told me in an email "From what my father told me that when he worked for ford he had put the car on a turnstile outside the Ford Rotunda from August 1964 till November 1964."

Indeed I found 3 photos of a Comet Caliente convertible on the turntable in 1964...it's a convertible (with the top up), license plate says 1965, and white convertible top. But the exterior color is a pale yellow.

When I went back to the build ticket and researched the "7D" combination--- it's a two-tone, and "D" means the top is white. I searched about 7 different '65 Mercury color lists and FINALLY found what "7" means. The official name color #7 is "yellow mist". I looked on eBay and everywhere I could, to find a picture of a '65 Mercury Comet in yellow mist, and found zilch. But I did find a Mustang in that color- and the color matches our 2 World's Fair turntable pictures.

So, I'm kind of concluding that yellow mist was either available at the start of the model year for a VERY short time, or maybe wasn't even available to the public at all, and that's why "7" is not even shown on most color charts for '65 Comets. But the original exterior color of your car apparently was yellow mist, with the white ragtop, and a silver turquoise interior.

Here is the two charts that decode color "7"---






Interesting that they put it up on a turntable that still had a Mustang sign above it.

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Randy thanks for all the help. according to the vin plate the color code is D and 7 is the trim code. The orginal color has always been Turquoise Met. It was stripped and repainted in 1990 because the old paint was dull. Sorry it took me so long to respond I was out of town . So the picture you have would not be my car. From what my father told me from when he worked for Ford the car was not a Skyway car it was on a turnstile because he was the person that put it up and took it down in Nov 1964 when the fair was closed for the winter

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Wow - what a great find! Welcome to the forum Jeff!

This probably was not a Magic Skyway car, but rather a display vehicle as Jeff's father describes. The low VIN number ('008) is the key clue...

Near the end of the '64 Season, several examples of the new-for-1965 Ford, Mercury and Lincoln automobiles were displayed at the Ford Pavilion from Sept. 25, until the Fair shut down on Oct. 18, 1964. Due to the tight timelines involved in getting these cars prepared for the Fair and on display by Sept. 25, most of these cars were very early production cars for the '65 model year - hence the very low VIN numbers...

This internal Ford memo describes some of the changes that were planned for the 1965 cars (and it specifically mentions a '65 Comet on one of the external turntables - most likely, the east turntable nearest the Grand Central Parkway):


Also, it should be pointed out that despite what this memo says about it not being "possible to procure, modify and install any '65 convertibles (other than Mustang) for the Magic Skyway" at least two 1965 model year cars were actually installed on the Magic Skyway at the end of the 1964 Season - a Burgundy Mercury Monterey (VIN# 5W45P500016) and a Rangoon Red Ford Galaxie 500 (VIN# 5W65Z100401)...

So - the gist of all this is that there is a very narrow time frame available for photos of Jeff's car to have been taken: Sept. 25 - Oct. 18, 1964...

BTW - After the Fair closed for the 1964 Season, most of the early 1965 vehicles at the Ford Pavilion were removed and taken to Di Blasi Motors in Corona, NY for repairs and storage before being eventually turned over to the NY Sales District for sale or assignment - and brand-new '65 vehicles were brought in for the 1965 Season of the Fair...



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