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Mr Levitan's poster

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Hi again,

I've been madly searching for a copy of Leonard Levitan's impressive poster, the one he has created as a result of two years of research and work. Does anyone know where can one buy a copy or, at least, find a high resolution image?

The artwork is surely amazing.

Thank you.



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Hi Luis,

The Queens Museum of Art`s gift shop sells them, or a least used to. I bought one there around six years ago, it was $50.00. Give them a call, see if they still sell them. Good luck


Fred Stern

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Two years research? When I saw that new in Queens at a show, I was challenged by the creator, to find one error in 15 minutes. I found over 15 errors in perhaps 1 minute. It was more fun. Worthless poster. Nice to look at for some and that seems to be "good enough" these days. It being for sale at the QM is a perfect alliance - they don't even know where they are located according to aerial photography the published. Details matter. MO would tear this apart. I probably still have many genuine aerials FROM 1939 (not posters, OK) you can see for at around that price. That's a comparison for your dollar, not a plug. I have not sold in ages. Remember - GRIFT SHOP.



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