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"Dem Parts"

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This week at the fair in 1965, the NAACP threatened a boycott over the show at the Chrysler Pavilion. A song in the Show-Go-Round upset member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. "It's the same old stereotype of the Negro," said William H. Booth President of the NY chapter. Adding, "It's the image of the black-face minstrel".

A Chrysler spokesman denied that the song was a racial slur. "We don’t believe there's anything offensive about this number," he said. "There's no reference at all to human beings or to race". The spokesman added: "This show ran all last year and we didn't hear a thing then".

Mr. Booth said he first heard of the song about a week earlier from James E. Robertson, the president of the NAACP's Corona-East Elmhurst branch. Mr. Robertson termed the number "derogatory and insulting" and "reminiscent of the minstrel-type Negro that we don’t feel has any place in our society today".

In the show four purple puppets explain how an automobile is made, sing the tune to the melody of the minstrel tune "Dem Bones", the puppets sing, in part:

Dem nuts, dem bolts, dem pistons;

Dem rings, dem rods, dem gaskets;

Dem plugs, dem lugs, dem clutch plates

All of dem made of steel.

"We believe that the song and those puppets are inimical to the interests of the Negro", Mr. Booth insisted. "We want it out -- we want the whole thing out".

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