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Bill Cotter

Anyone have a clue what this is?

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I'm not sure what it is either, but I'm about 99% sure that it was located in the Roundhouse in the Green Zone - I think I can see it in the background of this photo:

post-387-0-35996200-1309213570_thumb.jpg post-387-0-10527200-1309213584_thumb.jpg

Probably some whimsical, steam-powered vehicle from the 1800's...



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I would agree it's the same thing, especially as the next slide was outside the Roundhouse. It appears to say "Rocket" on it. I wish I had a list of the Roundhouse exhibits!

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It most defiantly was in the Roundhouse.

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Found this on the Rail Fairs web site:

Vancouver's SteamExpo was held during May-June of 1986. A total of 21 locomotives (and one crane) were in steam for the event, with 18 of those in service for the entire two-week period. This would make SteamExpo North America's largest gathering of operating steam locomotives since the end of the steam era.

Locomotives Present

Stephenson's "Rocket" 0-2-2 (replica)

"Tom Thumb" 0-4-0 (replica)

"Best Friend of Charleston" 0-4-0 (replica)

Camden & Amboy 4-2-0 #1 John Bull owned by Smithsonian Institution since 1884

"John Molson" 2-2-2 (replica)

"Falk" (0-4-0T lumber engine from California)

V&T "Inyo" 4-4-0

Prairie Dog Central 4-4-0 #3 (ex CPR #3)

Highland Railway 0-4-4T "Dunrobin"

UP 0-6-0 #4466

MacMillan-Bloedel Shay #2

MacMillan-Bloedel 2-6-2 #1077

Mt. Ranier Scenic 3-truck Heisler #91

GW (Colorado) 2-8-0 #51

CNR 4-6-0 #1392

CPR 4-6-2 #1201

CPR 4-6-4 #2860

Two Truck Shay #1 (ng) from B.C. Forest Museum

CNR 4-8-2 #6060

Pickering Lumber Co. 3-truck Shay #12 from the Pacific Locomotive Association

Quincy Railroad Co. 2-6-2T #2 from the Pacific Locomotive Association

All these locomotives, except for 6060, were under steam throughout SteamExpo, moving back and forth through the yard as required. The UP engine even spent an afternoon working the regular CN yard trick, and CN 1392 handled switching duties as the many engines arrived. Delayed by a major rebuild in Jasper, Alberta, 6060 made a spirited run to the coast, and arrived in time to take part in the last few days of the show. Two locomotives, the Quincy Railroad 2-6-2T and a red Pickering Lumber Co. 3-truck Shay were in steam for the first day of the show, but had their fires dropped because of problems with boiler certification. A lack of enthusiasm from BN prevented SP 4449 and UP 844 from attending.

Honorable mention can also go to CPR 4-4-0 #374, the first locomotive to pull a train into Vancouver (1886). With low-pressure steam leaking from pops, valves and whistle, the elderly American-type spent the several months of Expo '86 on the turntable of the former CPR Drake St. Roundhouse, right in the middle of the Expo site.

Also, former CPR 2-8-0 #3716 was unable to attend because of commitments on the other side of the city; hauling passengers on B.C. Rail's daily 80 mile (on 2.2 per cent grades!) round trip along the Pacific coast to Squamish.

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Evidently it was a replica of Stepheson's Rocket:


the link seems to go to Stephenson - here is a correction:


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Being a steam locomotive fan, I can confirm "The Rocket" (aka Stephenson's Rocket) is one of the earliest steam locomotives. However, the one that was at Expo 86 is an operational replica. It was steamed up for Steam Expo and participated in the parade of steam. This replica makes it's home at the National Railway Museum in York. There's actually more than one replica. Apparently there's a couple in the US, and York has a version with a cut-away side to show the guts of the engine. The museum is also home to the original locomotive.

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