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The NYPL is currently showing items from their vast collection as part of their Celebrating 100 Years Exhibition. Not only books but memorabilia like Jack Kerouac's glasses, etc.

The only WF item I saw displayed was this http://catalog.nypl.org/search~S98?/aharman+Bob/aharman+bob/1%2C3%2C5%2CB/frameset&FF=aharman+bob+1931+com&1%2C1%2C

Boy, is it huge! And detailed! It's only open to one page, but the creator of the scrapbook applied numerous tabs with scribbled titles bursting out of the containing binders like cauliflower, indicating a labor of love stuffing in as much as would fit.

Imagine what the NYWF must have meant to an individual to cause him to memorialize the event with his own effort to such a degree. Now we'd shoot some digital pics, buy the DVD, and wait for the next Fair. The NYWF1939 must have been a monumental event in this man's life.

It's behind glass now; ordinarily available, but only for private viewing. I'd love to see what he felt compelled to include.


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I am continually astounded how brilliantly NYPL is using this digital age of ours.

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