Hi Wayne, The Luminaire color schemes are keyed to the various Avenues around the fairgrounds... The Avenue of Peace and a small portion of the Avenue of Asia (in front of the Vatican Pavilion) used the 16-E-D-C, and 28-F-E-A Luminaires with the Red, Purple, Green, Blue, and White colored panels. However, at the north end of the Belgian Village the Avenue of Peace intersects with the Avenue of Asia, and that’s where the transition to the primary color scheme used on the Avenue of Asia takes place. The 22-E-D-A and 24-F-E-D Luminaires used on the Avenue of Asia had the Yellow-Orange, Yellow, and White colored panels. This Bill Cotter photo, and the attached drawings in the close-up photo should help explain things a little better… © Bill Cotter – worldsfairphotos.com – 1964-65 NYWF CD 10, Set 54, Image 13 Kevin PS – Thanks for sharing the photo with us Bill - and I loved the Biff Tannen reference as well!